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Welcome to BOSS Talks: Amplifying Voices of Redemption and Resilience.

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It takes courage and boldness to speak truth to power - no matter what.

BOSS Talks is where raw, unfiltered stories unfold, fostering understanding, healing, and growth and giving voice and space to the unheard - returning citizens, impacted families, change agents, and community advocates.

The Genesis of BOSS Talks

BOSS Talks began as a vision to illuminate the paths walked by returning citizens - a sanctuary where redemption and resilience find a voice.

BOSS Talks invites us to explore the multifaceted journeys our speakers have navigated and provides insights that transcend beyond the confines of their past. The narratives have the potential to dissolve barriers and challenge the stereotypes that often bind our beliefs of hope and reclamation.  

I believe it is important to not only recognize the underlying structural causes of poverty, human rights violations, and social injustice, but each individual must stand in truth and join as a collective to continue the never-ending fight to right these wrongs.

Donald Frazier | CEO BOSS

BOSS Talks is elevating its platform, creating an exclusive series that bridges thought-provoking conversations with societal influencers. Imagine a space where change agents, politicians, servant leaders, and stakeholders engage in deep, honest dialogue with individuals with first-hand lived experience of the American criminal justice system

BOSS Talks gathers decision-makers to elucidate the 'why' behind their policies, directly addressing the impact on individuals, families, and communities. These robust exchanges aim to influence policymakers' hearts and minds about the lives touched by incarceration, advocacy, and survival.

BOSS Talks is evolving into a crucible for meaningful change, fostering understanding, and catalyzing individual and community empowerment.

Two African American men sitting in brown chairs facing one another in an interview style set up.

How You Can Support BOSS Talks

As we stand on the precipice of this groundbreaking initiative, we extend an open invitation to participate in the dialogue, donate financial contributions, share, learn, and grow. We welcome your thoughts, feedback, and stories.

Join us in this transformative initiative where dialogue sparks action and personal stories reshape futures. 

Comment below and join the conversation that could redefine futures.

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