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BOSS Bay Area Annual Events

BOSS holds many events throughout the year – from ribbon-cuttings and groundbreaking for new programs to open houses that showcase successful programs to special events held for program participants to fundraisers, resource fairs, and block parties. Our commitment to building self-sufficiency and fostering community extends beyond our daily programs. We're thrilled to present our annual events, each a celebration of hope, resilience, and collective empowerment. 

Breaking Barriers

To support BOSS’ mission of ending homelessness, mass incarceration, and community violence, our Breaking Barriers convenings are designed to eliminate the 4800 barriers facing returning citizens as they try to reenter society and promote a more just, holistic vision of shared safety. 

Breaking Barriers brings together policy makers, elected officials, advocates, activists, service providers, and individuals impacted by the justice system for collaborative analysis and problem-solving. 

By sharing stories and reviewing data in the same room, communities can understand each other’s experiences, needs, and goals in order to find common ground and create a shared vision of safety and how to achieve it.

Mental Health & Wellness Block Party


Held each May (locations vary), these events are designed to promote mental health, wellness, and resiliency in a family-friendly setting.


BOSS and partnering agencies provide community members with information, resources, health screenings, giveaways, games, music, and food, with the goal of educating and supporting health and wellness.

BOSS Black August Block Party

Held each August in Downtown Oakland, this event celebrates the achievements, voice, creativity, innovation, and social change leadership of the Black community – showcasing art, music, culture, and Black-owned businesses, while providing information, resources, healing screenings, giveaways, games, music, and food for a day of inspiring family-friendly unity.

Rising Stars Celebration of Hope

 Held each October (location varies), this is BOSS’ annual showcase of success stories and program impact – honoring BOSS participants who have moved into housing, secured employment, completed training or certification programs, sustained recovery, reunited with family, and achieved other milestones.


Honorees receive certificates of achievement, gift bags, and community accolades – with a catered dinner, special guest speakers, and live entertainment!

We extend our deepest gratitude to the businesses and individuals whose generosity helps make these events a success every year. Your support is instrumental in creating a positive impact and fostering a sense of community and empowerment.

Remember, this event – and the work BOSS does with families and youth throughout the year – is made possible with your support! Just text the words BOSSBAYAREA (no space) to 243725 to make a donation of any size.


Your contribution plays a vital role in transforming lives and building a stronger, more resilient community.


Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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