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Black August Block Party 2023: UNITY

Thank you to our supporters, sponsors, community, Black August, and the City of Oakland! This event is not just a one-time celebration; it's a commitment to an ongoing movement. Your support, your voice, and your presence matter more than ever.


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Celebrating artistry, resilience, and unity, over 400 attendees gathered to witness a truly inspiring day of UNITY at the BOSS’ 3rd Annual Black August Block Party in Oakland. Held in the State that birthed Black August and the city that ignited the Black Panther Party, the event was a powerful reminder of the community's strength and history.


The weather, atmosphere, and our amazing host, Comedian WightOut, made sure it was a day filled with laughter and connection, engaging with vendors, performers, and resources to capture the true essence of Black August and the culture.

With the "UNITY" theme, this year's event inspired solidarity and collective action in our ongoing fight for social justice.

Attendees got a chance to witness an exhilarating lineup of live performances, captivating art installations, delicious food from local vendors, and a Black Market showcasing the talent and creativity of Black entrepreneurs. The event also featured resource booths providing information on crucial community services and opportunities for engagement. 


Join us next year for the 4th Annual BOSS'Black August Block Party 2024!

Take A Listen to Performances of the Past and Now!

Prepare for the soulful beats and powerful voices of BOSS' Black August Performers, both past and present. This specially curated playlist brings together an eclectic mix of artists who have graced our stage with their remarkable talents. From smooth R&B melodies to energetic hip-hop rhythms, this playlist is a musical journey that embodies the spirit of Black liberation and community unity.


Let the captivating sounds of these incredible performers fill your soul and uplift your spirits. Join us in celebrating the richness and diversity of Black culture as we honor the legacy of Black August.

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BOSS' 2023 Limited Edition Hoodie Fundraiser! 

This year, we are honoring the 2021 'Arc of Liberation' mural with a limited edition hoodie that celebrates the heroes and fighters who have paved the way for social justice movements today.  

Only 100 limited edition hoodies will be sold, making this a truly exclusive item. The hoodie features the stunning imagery of the 'Arc of Liberation' mural and is made with high-quality materials for maximum comfort and durability.


BOSS Bay Area Black August Mural Unveiling 2021

Learn More about Black August!

BOSS Bay Area Black August Block Party

The 2nd Annual BOSS Bay Area Black August Block Party "Stop the Violence" was a beautiful display of community. The Block Party shined a light on Black visionaries and brings people together for an amazing day full of joy, love, innovation, and high spirits!


We are grateful for the generosity of the businesses and individuals who helped make BOSS Black August Block Party a success through their beautiful performances, offerings, resources and SHOWING UP!

Remember, this event – and the work BOSS does with families and youth throughout the year – is made possible with your support! Just text the words BOSSBAYAREA (no space) to243725 to make a donation of any size.

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