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[Press] Formerly Incarcerated Giving Back In East Oakland

The founders of The Formerly Incarcerated Giving Back organization sponsored a Father’s Day celebration at BOSS' East Oakland Neighborhood Impact Hub that highlighted a "Just Serve" spirit that recognized dads who want to “Give and Serve” their families and communities, reaching over 150 men in deep East Oakland.

Richard Johnson with Paul Redd

Fathers from all walks of life, languages, and nationalities attended. It was a testament to the Formerly Incarcerated Giving Back organization. Guests received various gifts, including clothing, work pants, socks, toiletries, and gift cards.

Fathers were offered counseling and services to cover back rent, rental deposit, utility bills, credit repair, and much more.

For more information on this activity and future activities, please get in touch with Richard Johnson at

To find out more about the services Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS) offers and how to collaborate with us around Reentry and Violence Prevention, please get in touch with John Jones III by email or phone at 510-459-9014.

Oakland Post - Weekly Edition. June 22-28, 2022 - Read the full story here.



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