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Food Justice Is Revolutionary

What is Food Justice?

Food justice is a holistic and structural view of the food system that sees healthy food as a human right and addresses structural barriers to that right. It is environmental, social and revolutionary.

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In the 1960s, the Black Panther Party, which fought for black self-determination, established more than 60 “survival programs” to meet community needs. One of these was a breakfast program that distributed free breakfasts to 20,000 children in 19 cities — and is credited with jump-starting the National School Breakfast Program. Around the same time, United Farm Workers, founded by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, united Filipino and Mexican workers in a movement that won rights for tens of thousands of farmworkers and paved the way for legislation guaranteeing basic worker rights to agricultural workers.

Today organizations in the Bay Area are continuing the legacy of those programs through strong partnerships, sponsors and volunteering.

BOSS Bay Area Encampment & Community Outreach hosts a Food Run on the last Saturday of the month. The BOSS volunteers who lead this Food Run aid in BOSS’ mission to help the unhoused achieve health and self-sufficiency. The Food Run began with a challenge in June, when BOSS Bay Area partnered Community Kitchens Oakland & Means Database to provide meals for unhoused communities in Alameda county.

BOSS East Oakland Hub

The Food Run, in partnership with Community Kitchens, distributes delicious pre-cooked hot and nutritious meals to unhoused campuses throughout the Bay Area. Our focus is on the areas we serve, where our Neighborhood Impact Hubs are located - Deep East, West & Downtown Oakland. These Hubs are strategically located in corridors of concentrated poverty, crime/gang activity, and incarceration.

Maria Alderete and her team at Community Kitchens' collaboration and dedication to the community of Oakland are unmatched. We value their commitment and the way they show up for US on a consistent basis. When the funding doesn't pan out, they find a way. One of their newest feats was creating Dining for Justice - JUST ONE PENNY FOR EVERY DOLLAR SPENT AT OAKLAND’S BEST RESTAURANTS CAN HELP ENSURE NUTRITION AND DIGNITY FOR ALL

Community Kitchens challenged the restaurants in Oakland and the community as a whole to take the DINING FOR JUSTICE pledge. We did it and you should too!

We ask that whenever you're out enjoying a meal, please join the food revolution by dining at our participating restaurants. When a restaurant displays the Dining For Justice logo in its window - it means that the restaurant is part of our coalition working together to make sure no one in Oakland has to go without. Guest checks at our partner restaurants add a 1% surcharge, 100% of which goes toward providing community meals. We ask you to please join the food revolution by dining at our participating restaurants.

Your participation in Dining for Justice means more meals for OUR FRIENDS!!

Sign up for our next Food Run on May 28th sponsored by Community Kitchens Dining for Justice & East Oakland Burrito Roll


There are opportunities at BOSS - Neighborhood Impact Hubs, Housing, Admin & so much more. We are currently looking for community members to take on a paid canvassing opportunity with us for the upcoming primary.

If you're interested contact us today.

Training begins Friday, May 5th.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month & we're invested in our community's Mental Wealth!

Join us for community wellness and healing on May 27, 11am to 3pm for our Mental Wellness Block Party with partner organizations collaborating to get the community connected to the services and resources they need to lead more productive lives.


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