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BOSS Bay Area Food Run

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Encampment & Community Outreach | BOSS Bay Area Food Run 


Encampment & Community Outreach Food Run Team & Volunteers aid in BOSS’ mission to help the unhoused achieve health and self-sufficiency.  The Food Run began with a challenge in June with BOSS Bay Area partnering with Means Database and Community Kitchens Oakland to provide meals for the unhoused communities in Alameda county. 


BOSS Bay Area Food Run distributes 500+ precooked/donated meals on a monthly basis from restaurants in Oakland and Berkeley through Community Kitchens Oakland and other partners to unhoused Oakland campuses & unhoused community members.  PPE on hand we provide donated supplies(hygiene kits, blankets, dog food etc.)

Our core volunteers are dedicated to providing our community, sustenance, mutual aid and more with the respect and dignity they deserve. As our volunteer list grows the commitment to our monthly outreach strengthens. 

For more information on how to get involved contact

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