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BOSS Honors the 2022 CTEC Graduates

On Thursday October 27, 2022, BOSS honored forty-eight CTEC Graduates at a special celebration hosted by Hosted by National Radio Personality Sterling James, with live entertainment, special guest speakers, food, certificates of achievement from elected officials, and gift bags. All honorees were showered with community support, respect, admiration, and love.

Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS), in partnership with the Alameda County Probation Department, celebrated the commencement of our 2022 CTEC graduates who are now gainfully employed - with an inspiring group of speakers, including local leaders, employers, and BOSS staff.

CTEC provides a wealth of resources for job seekers impacted by the justice system - education, job readiness training, and employment services, including support for entrepreneurship ventures or higher education goals.

The 2022 graduates have attained full-time employment, and continue to seek to improve their quality of life and be productive citizens of our communities!

Since 2014, CTEC has provided free case management, career, and computer training, GED classes, mentorship, peer support, links to outside service providers, transportation assistance, college enrollment assistance/guidance, and more. CTEC has relationships with second-chance employers who hire individuals who are justice-impacted.

BOSS serves over 4,000 families and individuals a year in our network of Housing Security, Reentry, Violence Prevention, and Social Justice programs. Your support helps BOSS serve CTEC job seekers throughout the year and provides life-changing services and housing to help people overcome barriers and rebuild their lives.

BOSS supports motivated and qualified job applicants. Contact CTEC today to become a second-chance hiring partner!


THANK YOU, to everyone who made this possible!

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