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BOSS' Alison Hughes Honored with Mental Health Achievement Award

Alison Hughes holding a framed certificate

An Exceptional Journey of Dedication

Alison Hughes, a valuable member of BOSS for the past four years, has been recognized with the prestigious Mental Health Achievement Award from the City of Berkeley's Health Housing and Community Service Department. Holding the certificate high, Alison's achievement stands as a testament to her exceptional contributions to the community.

Alison's journey with BOSS began in the Representative Payee/Money Management Department, where she embraced a pivotal role that demands direct client engagement. Serving eligible clients – housed and unhoused, diagnosed with mental health conditions, and receiving SSI, SSA, or SSDI benefits. Alison and her colleague Chari Kelley help participants navigate the complexities of financial management. They tackle daily challenges with a diverse client base, liaising closely with SSA and other public agencies.

Drawing from 23 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Alison's background as a money management rep payee and case manager for over 200 individuals prepared her for her role at BOSS. Prior experiences inspired her to return to the field of rep payee work. At BOSS, she found a unique dynamic, as her responsibilities solely revolve around financial aspects, while case managers manage the clinical side.

The Mental Health Achievement Award and Alison Hughes' Impact

A framed Achievement Award

Alison's motivation derives from her journey, having received support from numerous agencies throughout her life. This fuels her commitment to helping others. Her skill in dealing with challenging individuals is evident, as she emphasizes flexibility and individualized treatment. Balancing her dedication, she believes in the importance of clients contributing their part to build successful relationships.

We're so happy with our new receptionist, Chanda. She brings a good vibe and is so helpful to Chari and me. She's good with our population and everything else that comes to our front doorstep. - Alison Hughes

Alison's passion, dedication, and consideration of others led to this award, honoring her compassion and commitment to transforming the lives of those facing mental health challenges. Grateful for the recognition, she views it as a testament to her unwavering efforts.

As Alison's story unfolds, she envisions the Rep Payee program expanding to address the pressing need for effective financial management. Her journey reflects the essence of BOSS' mission – making meaningful impacts in the lives of those it serves.

Congratulations Alison!


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