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Mary Stackiewicz's Journey from Supported Living to Inspirational Artist

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

A Beacon of Hope in the BOSS Community

In the heart of Alameda County, the BOSS Supported Independent Living program at Meekland has been a source of transformation and empowerment for countless individuals. Among these remarkable stories stands Mary Stackiewicz, a shining example of resilience and creativity. Over six years, Mary has built a home within the BOSS community and woven her passion for art into a remarkable self-expression, empowerment, and positive change journey.

Building Connections: Bridging the Gap Between Communities

A woman standing in front of an art wall she created
Mary standing in front of her artwork.

Nurturing positive relationships has characterized Mary's journey at the Meekland program. Within the program and beyond its walls, Mary's warm spirit has connected her with her immediate community and the wider world. Her ability to forge meaningful connections has been a testament to the supportive environment provided by BOSS, which recognizes the importance of fostering relationships that uplift individuals and communities.

Art has been Mary's vehicle of expression, her means of sharing her innermost thoughts and emotions with the world. Her passion for creating art has blossomed into a remarkable business venture.

Through her website and local exhibitions, Mary has established an art brand that showcases her talents and serves as a channel for connection and inspiration. Her artistic prowess has extended beyond traditional canvases as she brings her creativity to life in murals that enrich her community's aesthetic appeal.

Inspiration and Healing: Mary's Enduring Legacy

Mary's art is more than just a collection of beautiful images; it's a powerful tool for change. Her work tackles diverse themes, from current events to historical moments, from self-empowerment to advocacy for marginalized communities. Through a vibrant palette of colors, Mary captures the intricacies of her subjects, shedding light on the multifaceted nature of the world's challenges. Her art becomes a mirror that reflects her reality, the perspectives of others, and the urgent need for awareness and action.

Wood pieces designs of flowers, butterflies and birds
Wood art created by Mary.

For Mary, the purpose of her art extends beyond personal expression; it's about inspiring others and initiating healing. Mary also has a history of teaching art. She was an art teacher at a former Bay Area-based company. There she taught youth how to improve their art skills.

It's an emotional healing and purpose for me, and I hope my artwork has the same effect on others. Mary S.

Just as her creations brighten the lives of those who encounter them, Mary's art becomes a solace and strength for herself. She crafts a narrative of resilience, hope, and unity with each brush stroke she chooses. Through her art, Mary reiterates the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity and flourish.

An art wall with pictures of ice cream displayed
Mary's art wall of ice cream.

Joining Mary's Journey

Mary Stackiewicz's journey from the BOSS Supported Independent Living program to becoming an inspirational artist is a testament to the transformative impact of support, empowerment, and the creative spirit.

Her story reminds us that individuals can rise, create, and inspire even when facing challenges. As Mary continues to share her art with the world, she invites all of us to join her journey, supporting her art, her message, and the change she represents.

You can explore Mary's artwork on her website, witness her vibrant creations at local venues, and stand alongside her as she continues to infuse hope and inspiration into the fabric of our communities. Together, we can amplify the voices of those who empower change through their creative expressions.


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