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Wood Street Community Cabins Registration is Open

A New Program to Help Unhoused Individuals in Oakland

BOSS is committed to helping people overcome homelessness and systemic inequity by providing both emergency and permanent housing supports. To support this goal, we recently opened new emergency housing for unhoused Oakland


The Wood Street Community Cabins (WSCC) is a new 100-bed program established in Oakland to provide low-barrier emergency housing stabilization for single adults. The program aims to offer essential support and resources to help the unhoused community navigate the challenges of finding stable housing and employment.

Providing Essential Resources for Employment and Housing Navigation

Many unhoused individuals struggle to find and maintain secure housing, often with insufficient resources.

A significant portion of these individuals battles with untreated mental illness and trauma, making their circumstances even more daunting due to the lack of essential support and resources. BOSS programs like WSCC helps to extend our reach and offer the necessary aid to unhoused individuals.

WSCC guests are offered counseling and other mental health services and resources as part of individualized service plans. This helps empower them with access to resources and the skills needed for employment and housing navigation. The program offers a "low-barrier" entry point -- i.e. faciliting entry with as few obstacles as possible. This helps ensure broad access to the needed units and services.

How You Can Get Involved and Support the Cause

Registration is currently open for Oakland and Berkeley residents -- we also need volunteers who want to support unhoused community members. If you are interested or want more information, please get in touch with us through our website.

Donations are also needed and welcome -- your donation can significantly impact the lives of unhoused individuals in Oakland!

All donations help BOSS operate life-changing programs that provide love, respect, safety, and a sense of belonging to families, individuals, and communities impacted by poverty and inequity.

Donations from our Amazon Wishlist will help low-income individuals get set up for success as they move into their new homes. Join us today in supporting this essential cause!

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