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BOSS Supports Newly Introduced Unhoused Bill of Rights

BOSS helps our unhoused neighbors find and keep permanent housing to stay housed and stable. BOSS works to achieve this goal by providing affordable housing options that include both emergency shelter and supported independent living.

This week, Congresswoman Cori Bush (MO-01) announced that she is introducing a resolution with the goal of “ending the unhoused crisis by 2025.” The resolution declares homelessness a public health emergency, and creates an “unhoused bill of rights."

The Unhoused Bill of Rights demands this future. The Unhoused Bill of Rights calls for:

  • Drastic increases in affordable housing

  • Naming the unhoused crisis as a public health emergency

  • Protecting the civil and human rights of the unhoused

  • Historic funding of supportive services for the unhoused

Learn Mmore about BOSS's work around Housing Security:


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