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Innovative & Historical Launch of REPAC

On Thursday October 28, 2021, BOSS made history, helping to launch the only statewide Reentry Providers Association in the nation, with representation from Southern, Coastal, Central Valley, Bay Area and Northern California Counties.

Re-Entry Providers Association of California (REPAC) will provide a united and strong voice to advance fair and responsible laws, and further equitable policies, budgets and practices. Enabling re-entry providers across our state to build capacity and sustain their mission so that people coming home from prison have the resources and support they need to regain stability and successfully contribute to their families and our communities.

“After years of not having a seat at the table and struggling to piece together funding, we have decided to come together to amplify our voices on behalf of this crucial sector of our society that simply does not get the resources and support it needs,” said Donald Frazier, Executive Director of Oakland-based Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency, in a statement. “California has never adequately committed to ensuring people coming home from prison are able to meet their most basic, pressing needs. Helping people returning from incarceration has never been more important.”

“REPAC is going to be that essential unified voice that we need to really help shape the conversations that are taking place all over the state. And there’s no better time for REPAC to have begun” as the state invests in rebuilding during the pandemic, said Sen. María Elena Durazo.

Senator Durazo was one of three Democratic state lawmakers supporting the launch at an event Thursday, along with Assemblymember Isaac Bryan and Assemblymember Mia Bonta.


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