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Hope for the Holiday Drive

Help homeless families and people in need this holiday season by adopting a family during our Hope for the Holiday Drive!

The holidays can be stressful for many people - even more so for people struggling to meet basic needs.

BOSS collects Wish List items to share with homeless families and individuals throughout the season. We also organize holiday meals in all of our programs with help from volunteers and donors - let us know if you can help!

While many of us view the holidays with festive joy, the cold climate, being socially isolated or estranged from family, having untended health needs including trauma, and not having a safe home or a safe social network make this time of year truly challenging for the people BOSS serves.

Giving food, blankets, pillows, towels, and clothes directly to people in need and the programs that serve them is one effective way to alleviate their suffering!

The Holiday drive provides extra warmth, caring, and joy for everyone BOSS serves while they work hard towards their goals.


Here are ways you can #GiveToBOSSBayArea

  1. Text BOSSBAYAREA to 243725

  2. Make a one-time donation online or by mailing a check to BOSS:

  3. Become a monthly donor:

  4. Put your platforms to work uniquely by fundraising for BOSS -

  5. Make your Amazon Smile "Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency(BOSS)"

  6. Purchase something from our Amazon Wishlist: or directly here -

Contact Gwen Austin for more information to help you organize a drive with your workplace, club, school, or place of faith!

Thank you for supporting BOSS for over 50 years!

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