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Get this WERC! A Recap of the BOSS Job Fair

Opportunities Abound

The BOSS Job Fair was a resounding success, with over 350 eager job seekers. From seasoned professionals to those seeking a fresh start and a second chance, the event provided a platform for individuals from all walks of life to explore exciting career opportunities.

A group pf individuals at a job fair. A Black woman sitting at a table with a young Black man standing in front of her.

The Wellness, Empowerment, and Resiliency Campus (WERC) was the perfect place to host the Job Fair. The campus services include Career Training, Employment, Housing, Behavioral Health, and Violence Intervention.

Employers from various industries, including social justice, health care, education, and more, offered diverse positions to suit every skill set and interest. Many attendees were thrilled that some employers conducted on-the-spot interviews and offered jobs at the fair. This immediate feedback provided a sense of hope and optimism and underscored the tangible impact of events like these in empowering individuals to take control of their futures.

Support and Resources

Two Black men standing in front if the Oakland Barber Academy sign

In addition to job opportunities, the BOSS Job Fair offered various support services to help attendees put their best foot forward. Oakland Barber School generously provided complimentary shape-ups to individuals, ensuring they looked and felt confident for their interviews. A skilled beautician was also on-site, offering hair styling and grooming services.

Furthermore, recognizing the importance of professional attire in making a positive impression, the fair featured a dedicated clothing closet stocked with interview-appropriate clothing and shoes. This thoughtful initiative addressed a common barrier to employment and served as a testament to the community's commitment to supporting one another.

BOSS' commitment to empowering individuals extends beyond job fairs. As a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to serving homeless, poor, and disabled individuals in the East Bay community, BOSS offers a wide range of programs and services aimed at promoting health, self-sufficiency, and social justice. From housing assistance and case management to career training and education, BOSS works tirelessly to address the root causes of poverty and homelessness, and create pathways to a brighter future for all.

A group of individuals from Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency(BOSS)

At the heart of BOSS' mission is a steadfast belief in every individual's inherent dignity and worth. By providing access to resources, support, and opportunities, BOSS empowers individuals to overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and lead fulfilling lives. The success of the BOSS Job Fair is just one example of the organization's ongoing commitment to building more robust, more resilient communities where everyone has the chance to thrive.


YOUR SUPPORT makes this possible!

Whether in-kind donations or monetary assistance, your contributions are pivotal in helping us pave the way to permanent housing for more individuals.

Visit our donations page today to learn how you can support BOSS and empower individuals on their path to a brighter, more secure future.

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