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[Press] Elaine Brown: Ex-Black Panther Leader

Elaine Brown, the only woman to lead the Black Panthers, joins Dave Clark to talk about her big project in Oakland — the construction of a major affordable housing project on the city's west side that will be open to low-income tenants in May 2024.

She referenced the sense of urgency and why this is necessary NOW and what else WE can do about it.

She also spoke on the responsibility of the city, county and state, who have created BARRIERS to affordable housing; access and building.

BOSS is proud to be a part of this historic and innovative model providing supportive services for individuals at The Black Panther.

Find out more about The Black Panther here.

Mockup of a new housing development THE BLACK PANTHER with people walking and standing in front of it

Watch the full interview -


BOSS continues to develop new housing programs whenever possible - including new construction, rehabilitation of existing properties, or master leasing opportunities. Do you have land or buildings that could be purposed for affordable housing in our communities? If so please contact BOSS Executive Director Donald Frazier at or 510-649-1930 x 1012.

Learn more about our housing security programs and how you can get involved by visiting BOSS Housing Security Initiatives.


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