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Donate to Children's Learning Center for Our Better Future

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Please help BOSS support the homeless children in Berkeley who are living temporarily with their parents at Ursula Sherman Village - these children are our future, and need community support to THRIVE!

Located in West Berkeley, Ursula Sherman Village (USV) was the first shelter activated for homeless disabled adults in California. Over the last four decades, USV has grown its services and capacity substantially with the addition of shelter beds for families, a computer lab, the Children’s Learning Center (CLC), outdoor playground, and gardens.

USV serves families and individuals who are looking for permanent housing – the CLC helps the kids who live there with academic and developmental needs.

In the CLC, the children engage in one-on-one tutoring, group activities, use the computer lab, work in the courtyard gardens, and do arts and cultural activities as well as academic work.

For over 30 years, the CLC has operated behind the shelter in a trailer donated by the Alameda County Office of Education – since the pandemic began, the trailer has been closed and the Teacher assists the children outside, online, or by phone. In the midst of the pandemic, the teachers and volunteers came up with strategies to help the children stay on top of their studies and it wasn't easy. Read more about, 'Distance Learning While Homeless'.

So far we've raised $86,714 of our $130,000 goal. The CLC relies on the generosity of donors like you. We help the most vulnerable children by providing a safe space for learning and meeting their social-emotional needs so they can succeed in school and in life.

Donate HERE to support the Children’s Learning Center (CLC)!

Contact Sonja Fitz for more information -

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