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From Homelessness to Hope: Vannessa Williams' Journey with BOSS' Wood Street Community Cabins

Vannessa Wiliams, age 37, has participated in the Coordinated Entry System since 2019. She has worked hard and diligently since enrolling in BOSS' Wood Street Community Cabins in June 2023.

Two African American women sitting at a desk, across from a man. One of the women is signing papers, while the man waits to receive them.

BOSS aims to help all unhoused community members find safe, secure, affordable, permanent housing. However, this goal can take a long time to achieve in the very expensive Bay Area housing market.

BOSS provides multiple emergency and interim housing resources to ensure people have safe living spaces off the streets as quickly as possible. It also offers services to help them find permanent housing.

On March 7th of this year, Vannessa, accompanied by BOSS' Housing Navigator Jennifer Mallot, signed her lease and obtained the keys to her new apartment! Filled with excitement, she shared that she was one step closer to reuniting with her children in a safe and comfortable environment for a family to thrive in.

An African American woman wearing a brown shirt and white pants standing in an apartment

Since becoming a participant at BOSS' Wood Street Community Cabins (WSCC), Vannessa has regularly attended the Community Circles, Thinking for Change, and Merging Two Worlds groups, as well as the resource fairs, substance abuse services, and Housing case management services made available. The next step in the inspiring story is completing the transition by assisting Vannessa with acquiring essential home furnishings and making her new home comfortable.

Tiny Home Cabins

The Wood Street Community Cabins is a 100-bed Program for single adults that provides low-barrier emergency housing stabilization, wellness recovery action planning, workforce development, and housing navigation services. BOSS manages and operates the program in collaboration with the City of Oakland.

​The Wood Street Community Cabins programs are voluntary; participants must be eligible in the City of Oakland's designated encampment area.

Shared by: Jennifer Mallot Housing Navigator | Wood Street Community Cabins (W.S.C.C.)


A graphic to donate by texting - bossbayarea (one word) to 243725

As we celebrate Vannessa's success, we are reminded that the journey doesn't end with housing. The scars of homelessness linger, underscoring the importance of our continued work. BOSS is dedicated to providing hands-on support through every transition step and beyond.

YOUR SUPPORT makes this possible! Whether in-kind donations or monetary assistance, your contributions are pivotal in helping us pave the way to permanent housing for more individuals like Nichole.

Visit our donations page today to learn how you can support BOSS and empower individuals on their path to a brighter, more secure future.

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