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BOSS Black August Block Party Fundraiser

Annual Event Hosted by BOSS Bay Area

The BOSS Black August community celebration, block party, and fundraiser launched August 2021 to support BOSS’ Reentry & Neighborhood Safety programs – centered in innovative Neighborhood Impact Hubs that provide resources and support to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) people in Oakland areas that have been disproportionately affected by racially biased policies and systemic inequities - East, West, and Downtown Oakland. 


In August 2021, BOSS held its inaugural Black August Block Party. We unveiled 'The Arc of Liberation' mural - a culmination of art, culture, and political education honoring the heroes and fighters whose shoulders we stand on and whose activism we continue today. 

Public art helps bring the community together. It inspires and tells a story that can be interpreted in countless ways by the viewer.

This community-wide event will allow visitors and artists of all ages to respond to the inspiring mural through online fundraising. The artist will also be present to share his vision and process.

BOSS Bay Area Black August Mural Unveiling 2021

Learn More about Black August!

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