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Warriors Mental Health Night: BOSS At The Game!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

On December 4th, BOSS Bay Area joined the Warriors first-ever Mental Health Awareness Night, along with 17 other organizations, to raise awareness of the importance of Mental Health at Chase Center.

The night was hosted by the Golden State Warriors, giving people at the game the opportunity to visit multiple organizations' tables, to learn more about how mental health affects our daily life, and especially, high risk communities like the people BOSS serves.

Special thanks to you if you visited BOSS BAY AREA'S table and shared what mental health means to you! :) #sharingiscaring #mentalhealthawareness #LetsGoWarriors

Mental illness is a significant factor in homelessness - regional counts put the number of homeless individuals experiencing mild to severe mental illness at over 40%. Accounting for the trauma of homelessness itself, that number is far higher. It is at the core of BOSS' mission to help address these needs, and support homeless, poor and disabled individuals to achieve self-sufficiency.

Read more about the Impacts of Mental Health and Homelessness here.


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