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Honor World Homeless Day

On this day, BOSS is joining people around the world to raise awareness for the homeless people in our community.

BOSS' mission is to help homeless, poor, and disabled people achieve health and self-sufficiency, and to fight against the root causes of poverty and homelessness. BOSS develops solutions to mass homelessness, mass incarceration and community violence and is dedicated to the inclusion of people marginalized by addiction, trauma, criminality, incarceration, poverty, racism, sexism, homelessness and violence.

Every month, the BOSS Bay Area Encampment & Community Outreach Food Run Team & Volunteers support the unhoused by distributing 500+ hot precooked/donated meals. Meals are donated from restaurants in Oakland and Berkeley through Community Kitchens Oakland and other partners to unhoused campuses & unhoused community members. The team also distributes PPE and donated supplies (hygiene kits, blankets, dog food etc.), and equips people with information and resources regarding housing and programs.

World Homeless Day, October 10th, is a day meant to spread awareness, to educate, and to reveal the stories behind the people you may pass by each day. BOSS does this work every day of the year, but today we are asking you to join us by making a Donation, signing up to Volunteer, or Sharing BOSS' work with friends, family, or colleagues.

We also observe this day by sharing stories of the people we serve with you. BOSS Bay Area's "Tackling the Root Causes of Poverty & Homelessness" premiered on PBS' Visionaries Series. Please take a moment to watch, share and donate to BOSS. Thank you!


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