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Fundraise for BOSS on Giving Tuesday

As the season of giving approaches, BOSS is raising awareness and resources to end poverty in all its forms. Tuesday, November 29, is a day of global generosity, and community generosity is vital to our mission. BOSS is committed to magnifying the impact of your contribution on the biggest giving day of the year - by creating NEW HOUSING and NEW PROGRAMS: mental health, community healing, and gun, gang, and gender-based violence prevention and response services.

November 29th (#givetobossbayarea) is an opportunity to support organizations you care about, like Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS). Giving Tuesday is an international day of generosity -- be part of this annual day of compassion and contribution!

For over 50 years, BOSS has developed solutions to mass homelessness, mass incarceration, and public safety. We're dedicated to the inclusion of people marginalized by addiction, trauma, criminality, incarceration, poverty, racism, sexism, homelessness, and community violence.

BOSS is asking our community to support this work with monetary donations, giveback while shopping, and fundraise for us....right here >> FACEBOOK

Your contribution to BOSS will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps! And on #GivingTuesday November 29, Facebook will match $8 million in qualifying donations when you create or donate to a BOSS Bay Area fundraiser.

Donate right now from your phone by texting BOSSBayArea to 243725.

As we continue to create opportunities for self-sufficiency, we would be honored to have your support of BOSS Bay Area this #GivingTuesday.

Subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated on how your contributions are helping the community we serve.

Thank you for your support!

#GivingTuesday #GiveToBossBayArea

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