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Congratulations, CTEC Class of 2021!

November 18 marked the Annual BOSS Bay Area CTEC Graduation, celebrating over 50 students' accomplishment, dedication, inspiration, enthusiasm, and joy in a virtual gathering.

Our MC John Jones III (BOSS Director of Reentry and Violence Prevention Programs) welcomed honored guests and speakers including Marcus Dawal, Alameda County Probation Chief Officer, and Charles Payne from Homebridge, a CTEC employment partner. Both shared words of encouragement and admiration for what the graduates have achieved, plus personal stories and hope that they will continue to achieve their dreams!

Special thanks to Marlon 'Unlearn' Richardson, Hip Hop 4 Change & Artist and Nicia De'Lovely, Poetess, ARTivist & Creative for their outstanding performance! We were all inspired and impressed by your creativity, intuition, passion, and dedication. Believing in ourselves and not giving up is the key to success....

The BOSS Career Training and Employment Center (CTEC) program supports participants in learning crucial job skills, overcoming barriers, building confidence, and achieving gainful employment. Living wage jobs are the best way to alleviate poverty and prevent recidivism!

Special thanks to CTEC Graduation Sponsor Mechanics Bank, and to BOSS Board Members who donated raffle prizes for our graduates - Hamilton Hunt, Marlene Hurd, and Saayeli Mukherji.

Thanks to the consistent support and care of BOSS supporters and partners, we can continue to thrive and help our local community - including our 50+ graduates, and all those who will enter CTEC to access its life-changing support in the coming year! Donate today and help us keep our community healthy and justice.

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