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Cleveland's Journey and BOSS' 50 Year Mission to Transform Lives

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Empowering Lives at SCHP: A Journey of Resilience

An excited and happy man standing in a parking lot holding keys to his new home

Cleveland Sowers, an epitome of strength, found hope and resilience through the South County Homeless Project (SCHP). SCHP, located in Hayward, CA, provides shelter in a nurturing environment, empowering individuals to rediscover their sense of self and overcome adversities.

Cleveland's inspiring journey stands as a testament to the life-changing support SCHP offers -- and the transformative power of compassion, community, and hope for others facing the challenges of homelessness.

Cleveland's Milestone: Keys to a New Home and Self-Sufficiency

After years of dedicated service in shelters, Cleveland faced the unexpected struggle of his own homelessness. He was determined to overcome this obstacle, and with the aid of SCHP, he found stability and a place to rest, heal, and work on goals. Eventually, he received the keys to his new home - a pivotal moment marking the transition to self-sufficiency.

Cleveland's achievement extends beyond securing a dwelling: it's about paving the way for a future full of potential.

He's committed to giving back to SCHP, a program that played an instrumental role in rebuilding his life.

Inspiring a Movement: Support BOSS' 50th Event and SCHP Programs

Cleveland's journey embodies the strength of the human spirit. It reminds us that collective efforts and compassionate support can make a difference in someone's life.

Join us as BOSS Celebrates 50 Years of these remarkable stories and support programs like SCHP. Your attendance is an opportunity to be part of a movement that aims to eradicate homelessness and provide hope to those striving for a better future. Let's unite and build a community where every person has a place to call home.


An invitation for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of BOSS

BOSS is an award-winning nonprofit serving over 4,000 families and individuals annually.

Click the link above to find out about our upcoming 50th Anniversary celebration, and buy tickets, ads, and sponsorships NOW!


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