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Clean Streets and Second Chances

The Clean City Community Restoration Team is a transitional work opportunity in the BOSS Career Training and Employment Center (CTEC). Team members are building new lives for themselves, while helping keep Oakland clean!

With funding from Alameda County Probation, CTEC provides education, training, and employment services to formerly incarcerated individuals. One core service offered by CTEC is paid transitional work that provides immediate income and work experience – this supports the classroom learning people are also enrolled in (4 hours of virtual classes a day), letting them apply what they are learning in a real work setting.

The Clean City Community Restoration Team canvass routes from 1600 San Pablo through Frank Ogawa Plaza down Broadway to Jack London Square and back, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday, the team canvasses the area from 1600 San Pablo up to West Grand, then to Telegraph and down toward 1600 San Pablo.

The crew is supervised by BOSS Crew Leader Jeff McElroy. Jeff has been with BOSS for over 20 years, and spent many of those years supervising BOSS’s Berkeley-based Clean City Program, which did similar work in partnership with Public Works. Jeff trains and supports Team members, and responds to community concerns or inquiries as needed.

As a result of their participation with the Community Restoration/ Clean City Oakland Transitional Work Program, 9 individuals have transitioned into full-time permanent employment. Go TEAM!!!


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Are you looking for support to clean and maintain your property? Do it while changing someone’s life! Contact Ronald Broach, BOSS Manager of Reentry Services, at or 510-844-8221.


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