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‘Carving a path back up into life’: Berkeley set to open permanent housing project

Step Up Housing is made possible in part because Berkeley residents passed Measure O (provides $135 million of funding from bond revenue to pay for affordable housing projects) and Measure P (provides around $10 million annually from real property transfer taxes to pay for homeless services). In sum, these and additional measures have generated over $200 million in funds for affordable housing and road repair and continue to produce tens of millions yearly for homelessness, public safety, and disaster preparedness.

Voters of Berkeley stepped up in 2018 advocating for a compassionate, effective solution to end homelessness through passing Measures O and P. Addressing homelessness requires a multi-prong approach, and a wide range of programs that have an impact(and BOSS has) been able to successfully convert hotels and motels into housing ---Donald Frazier, CEO, BOSS

A group of people standing on a plot of land with shovels in their hand after a groundbreaking
Members of Berkeley City Council, BOSS CEO Donald Frazier and Development Partners, Panoramic

Frazier emphasized the importance of permanent housing, citing the years long journey leading up to the project’s success.

I’m so excited and proud and grateful. Special thanks to Councilmember Bartlett, who had the idea on how (to) innovate supportive housing to be faster and cheaper so we can get people off the streets. ---Donald Frazier, CEO, BOSS

Step-Up Supportive Housing will be available to prospective residents who are at least 18 years of age and have an identification of a history of houselessness, according to the funding proposal.

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