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BOSS Honors International Girls Day

"Digital Generation. Our Generation."

The digital world is a vast and complicated place. Particularly for girls who may lack access to technology - or safe living space to use it in.

International Day of the Girl is a day to recognize the hardships girls face around the world, and help make our communities a more welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment for them all.

According to the United Nations official website, "The gender digital divide in connectivity, devices and use, skills and jobs is real. It is an inequity and exclusion gap across geographies and generations that is our challenge to address if the digital revolution is to be for all, with all, by all.”

BOSS provides educational support including access to computers and digital learning to homeless girls and boys in the Children's Learning Center (CLC), located on-site at BOSS' Ursula Sherman Village shelter program in Berkeley. This summer, Girls Garage aided in our push and constructed a welcoming library space there.

BOSS has also been raising funds to replace the very old trailer where the CLC is housed - to create a better learning environment where homeless children can receive academic, social and developmental support for bright futures. If you would like to support, please do so here.

You can also help girls all around the globe be heard on the internet by sharing their experiences, giving them a voice, and supporting organizations like UN Women, which are continually working for equality for all girls and women. More details may be found at Unicef.

If you would like to help girls around the world be heard on a digital platform, please share their stories, give them a voice, and support organizations like Unicef or UN Women who are constantly fighting for equity for all girls and women.


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