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BOSS Bay Area Angels Bringing Cheer and Hope to All this Holiday Season

From food to toys to gifts for families and single adults, BOSS has been fortunate to have a community of partners that support our work throughout the year. We want to highlight a few of them and acknowledge their hard work and dedication during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Making a Difference

This time of the year can be very joyous and celebratory, but it can be a sad and lonely time for some. Being socially isolated or estranged from family, having untended health needs including trauma, and not having a safe home or a safe social network make this time of year challenging for many of the people BOSS serves. That’s where the BOSS Bay Area Angels step in to bring some cheer and hope to all.

Housing and food insecurity affect the individuals and families BOSS serves in Alameda County, where (according to the annual Point in Time count by Everyone Home) homelessness went up by 22% since the 2019 count. BOSS serves a large number of these individuals and families: community in-kind donations help us provide necessary basic needs items, and share hope during the holidays.

In 2022 BART delivered more than 750 toys and $500 in gift cards to BOSS!

Going Above and Beyond

Everyone that contributed to the 2022 holiday season (Thanksgiving and Christmas) brought something special to BOSS in terms of their talents, creativity, and time, while providing some essentials, and some fun donations. Following is a little bit about just a few of our Bay Area Angels!

1. Troy Smith (24 year old fundraising guru). With a new MSW degree and a full-time job, Troy is a remarkable human being who makes the time to help others. Troy has a knack for raising funds and getting others involved in the awareness of housing insecurity and how to solve it.

2. Ventana School (through the Community Kitchen Kits program) did an outstanding job of not only gathering and organizing but bringing them to our programs.

3. Headroyce School (Oakland). This school and its social justice young warrior leaders’ families provided gifts to over 40 children through our Adopt a Family gift-giving program.

4. UC Berkeley Supply Chain Management (led by Charles Heinz) did an awesome job of making sure all the children at our family shelter (Ursula Sherman Village/USV) in Berkeley got a bicycle - just for starters! They also provided transportation for the families to attend a luncheon on the UC Berkeley campus, where they received the bikes. After the luncheon and presentation of bikes and toys, the UC team shuttled everyone back to our offices/shelter (for families) and delivered the bikes.

A young USV resident test driving his new bike from UC Berkeley Supply Change Management

Thank you to all of our contributors who made this holiday season so IMPACTFUL:


Here are ways you can #GiveToBOSSBayArea

BOSS serves families and individuals impacted by generational poverty, unemployment, homelessness, housing, and health with our County-wide network of Housing, Health, Economic Development, and Social Justice programs. All BOSS programs are designed to improve the quality of life for marginalized and disenfranchised people in our community.

  1. Text BOSSBAYAREA to 243725

  2. Make a one-time donation online or by mailing a check to BOSS:

  3. Become a monthly donor:

  4. Put your platforms to work uniquely by fundraising for BOSS -

  5. Make your Amazon Smile "Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency(BOSS)"

  6. Purchase something from our Amazon Wishlist: or directly here -

Contact Gwen Austin for more information to help you organize a drive with your workplace, club, school, or place of faith!

Thank you for supporting BOSS for over 50 years!

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