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Shakila Caldwell

I was born in Oakland, California attending Prescott, Cole, and Oakland Tech. I have also lived in Detroit, MI, and Kenya serving both communities in volunteering and education. Professionally I currently serve as the Vocational Coordinator for a non-profit called Adaptive Learning Center. I am passionate about facilitating growth and achievement for adults with neuro disabilities while assisting them with obtaining meaningful and fulfilling employment opportunities.

I have over 7 years of experience working with nonprofits in workforce development, housing assistance, re-entry, abuse, and the unhoused population. I have also assisted organizations in grant writing. I currently hold a BA in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University and I am currently pursuing an MA in Social Work with a focus on mental health. Having battled through mental health myself and spending some time unhoused, I am an advocate for the unhoused and mental health community, especially for people of color.

In my spare time as a licensed esthetician, I enjoy providing education about skin health and awareness around skin diseases. I pride myself as a servant leader, idealist, humanitarian, and empath. I enjoy anything creative, being outdoors, attending car races, and being around my son and family. 

I look forward to continuing to provide support for the communities and demographics that need them. 

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