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Angela Jeter – Social Justice Collective Fellow

Angela arrived in the East Bay in January, after being released from jail in Nevada. She was referred to the BOSS Career Training and Employment Center (CTEC) by her Probation officer, and began participating in CTEC groups and classes. When the pandemic hit, CTEC temporarily closed its doors and went virtual. Angela continued to participate throughout, attending online classes Monday through Friday. Today, while CTEC is open for limited walk-in traffic, it still provides a full menu of online classes, to provide as much service access as possible for the people who need it.

“They’re 100% serious,” Angela says, “about helping you find work.

“They’re 100% serious,” Angela says, “about helping you find work.”

Motivated and full of positive energy, Angela successfully achieved not just one but two certificates – completing the CTEC curriculum as well as the BOSS Social Justice Collective (SJC) Fellowship, a 15-week leadership development training series dedicated to building new leaders from the justice involved community, who can share their personal experience to shape better solutions through advocacy and organizing.

She also attended CTEC classes held by entrepreneur coach Suga-T – Angela is interested in starting her own business, having spent some time helping with her daughter’s holistic education and physical therapy business. Angela wants to create something of her own, and is brainstorming what field that might be in. She has experience to draw on from past jobs in health care, telemarketing, customer service, oil refineries, education, talent scouting, and other fields.

“BOSS classes are very enlightening and encouraging,” Angela says. “It gives you courage.”

In the meantime, she has been offered the opportunity to work for a nonprofit housing organization, which will provide income and experience while she looks for the right self-employment opportunity.

Angela knows the road ahead will not be easy, but she credits CTEC with preparing her well.

“BOSS classes are very enlightening and encouraging,” Angela says. “It gives you courage.”


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