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Marlene Christine Hunt

Marlene Christine Hurd is the Vice-Chair Commissioner with the Oakland Housing Authority which provides affordable housing for over 15,000 families. She is a member of OHA resident advisory board and Chairs the OHA Board of Commissioner AD Hoc Education Policy Committee. In 2013, Hurd was appointed to the International Research and Global Exchange Committee with the National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) in 2009; she received the Commissioner Certification (NCC) from NAHRO.

Ms. Hurd received her BA degree from Mills College in Ethnic Studies where she also studied Public Policy. Hurd studied Poverty & Inequity at U C Berkeley’s’ Goldman School of Public Policy. It was there she learned the effects of poverty. Hurd’s personal experience with homelessness led her to become an advocate to the “voiceless.” Her 13 years of volunteerism has given her insight to mobilize communities. Marlene is a Commissioner on the Alameda County Consumer Affairs Commission. She serves on the Mayor’s Commission on Persons with Disabilities for the City of Oakland.

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