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Elaine Mangabat Morgado

Elaine worked for BOSS over 20 years ago as a Job Developer at the Hayward location. Prior, she also worked as a Case Manager and as a Counselor at other shelters and group homes throughout the East Bay. When Silicon Valley boomed, she began a career in Human Resources – recruiting for global technology and internet companies. Since 2001, Elaine continued her HR practice with Kaiser Permanente in the areas of recruitment, research, systems, and strategy. For the past 13 years, she has enjoyed supporting the region’s physician leadership, including staffing the board. She also mentors and is actively engaged with committees, ergonomics, and employee art and music programs. Elaine’s commitment to serving others stems from her core values and her humble, but strengthening, beginnings. Elaine became a parent as a teen. Through the compassion of loved ones and the support of programs and individuals who saw her potential, dedication, and hard work, Elaine earned her BA, Psychology (CSU, Hayward – now CSU East Bay) and an acceptance to graduate school. Elaine’s life experiences are an example of long term outcomes when an individual is helped with a hand up. Both of her daughters now pursue their own college / professional careers.

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