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Welcome to BOSS' Home Registry!


Help us empower low-income individuals as they transition into their new homes by contributing essential items through our curated registry. By supporting this initiative, you can make a lasting impact and provide them with the tools they need to thrive.

Please contact Gwen Austin, Community Engagement Manager, at or 510-649-1930 x 1001 if you have any questions. Thank you!


At BOSS, we believe that everyone deserves a fresh start and the opportunity to succeed. Our Home Registry, available on Amazon and Target, offers a convenient way for supporters like you to contribute to the success of these individuals directly. From kitchen essentials to bedding, cleaning supplies, and more, every item on the registry has been carefully selected to ensure it meets their specific needs. 


Aside from helping to get donations to those who are moving into permanent housing, donations are also needed for our temporary housing programs where BOSS staff works to provide a safe and healthy environment during their stay. This could be chairs, tables, lamps, sofas, carts, and of course the essentials like bedding, towels, socks, casual clothing (sweat pants/shirts, t-shirts, etc.).

Thank you for your donations - you are helping to CHANGE LIVES!

How to Contribute:

  1. Click the button above to access BOSS's Home Registry on either Amazon or Target.

  2. Browse the registry to find items you'd like to donate.

  3. Select the item(s) and proceed to checkout.

Your contribution will be shipped directly to BOSS, ensuring it reaches those who need it most.
Thank you for your support in helping low-income individuals get set up for success in their new homes. Your generosity and kindness will make a meaningful impact on their lives.

The donation is 100% tax deductible, and BOSS will make arrangements for title transfer and pick up, etc.

To donate goods, please contact:

Gwen Austin at 


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