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Donald Frazier
Chief Executive Officer

For more than 25 years, Donald Frazier has demonstrated exceptional executive leadership in the nonprofit sector, specializing in fund and program development, contracts and compliance, quality management, public relations and legislative affairs, with considerable experience in strategic business and program development.

Donald’s passion is to promote socio-economic and educational advancement as essential components of sustaining communities. He believes it is important to not only recognize the underlying structural causes of poverty, human rights violations, and social injustice, but each individual must stand in truth and join as a collective to continue the never-ending fight to right these wrongs.

Donald is a dynamic, outgoing, and effective communicator with the ability to motivate staff and develop collaborative working relationships. He operates effectively outside the boundaries of formal organizational structures with creativity, resourcefulness and innovative thinking. He has the ability to provide strategic direction, offer insight, define value propositions, and develop integrated systems as important components in the delivery of services and the management of human and financial capital.

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