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Wellness and Empowerment Campus

A transformative new model of care for survivors of violent crime and removing barriers to health, income and housing stability while healing impacted populations and interrupting cycles of violence. 

Services start September 1, 2023

BOSS meets people where they are geographically, economically, culturally, emotionally, mentally, intellectually and physically -- with direct pathways to socioeconomic inclusion, health, wellness, civic engagement and mobility. BOSS does this by: 


  • Centering the voice of the community’s most impacted in service development and delivery, to create a sense of ownership, respect, safety and belonging. 

  • Intentional recruitment, to hire and train people with lived experience to help create and deliver services. 

  • Developing social justice programs, outreach and rapid response teams and to develop leaders with lived experience to fight for social, racial, and economic equity, and to build a foundation for long-term success and stability for communities impacted by policy violence. 

  • Utilizing traditional and non-traditional empirical and evidenced based practices that align with and relate to individual risks, needs and responsivity of the persons served with culturally tailored programing. 

  • Understanding the significance of policy violence and its impact in the lives of the people we serve and relentlessly fighting to uproot inequitable education, employment, housing, criminal justice, land use, transportation policies that negatively impact those we serve.

  • We believe our work, in this manner, is necessary to raise our people out of despair. As we stand fearlessly unapologetic, passionate and dedicated to give voice to the oppressed until change happens.

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