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Tiny Homes Village

Castro Valley Unincorporated Community

The Tiny Homes, located in the unincorporated area of Alameda County, will serve homeless adults identified through Alameda County’s Coordinated Entry System, prioritizing those who have experienced long periods of homelessness. Fifteen Homes at the site will be set aside for medical respite (for individuals who are too ill or frail to recover on the street but not ill enough for a hospital setting). The program provides property management and access to case management, housing navigation services, life skills classes, a small computer lab, peer support groups, and more.


Applicants must be referred by Alameda County Office of Homeless Care Coordination​


San Leandro, CA

Interm Housing Model

  • 19 units for unsheltered clients

  • 15 units provided as Respite Housing (i.e., clients exiting hospitals and acute care facilities or vulnerable unsheltered clients) 

  • Clients will receive housing navigation and care coordination services 24/7 staffing

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