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Sheweet Yohannes
Vice President

Sheweet is a U.S. Army veteran and former civil servant, having served in S. Korea, the Pentagon, and U.S. Capitol.  She holds a BA in International Business and an MS in Business Analytics.  Sheweet has also dedicated several years to teaching English as a Foreign Language in both Russia and Spain. During her time abroad, she volunteered her services to Uzbekistani and Moroccan immigrants in both Russia and Spain, respectively.  Currently, she is an Academic Program Manager and Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University.

Originally from Washington, DC and the first born of Ethiopian immigrants, Sheweet Yohannes understands the plight of many as they strive to improve their quality of life. While in the Bay Area, she has volunteered at numerous locations from food banks to youth development centers and is excited to continue impacting lives through BOSS.

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