BOSS Black August - Online Fundraiser

Featuring Masterclass with Elaine Brown Saturday, August 28, 2021 - 12pm
Hosted by BOSS Bay Area

Please join us for the unveiling of a mural that will be displayed inside of our Downtown Neighborhood Impact Hub (CTEC).  The mural – themed “Art, Culture & Political Education” – is designed and painted by Oakland Native and Muralist, Deandre Drake and will remain on display at CTEC. 

Funds will support BOSS Reentry & Neighborhood Safety programs - centers of opportunity and empowerment for Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) in Oakland neighborhoods hit hardest by racially biased policies and systemic inequity.

Learn More about Black August!

We are creating a mural in Downtown Oakland to commemorate Black August  and revolutionaries past & present.  This mural unveiling will be a culmination of art, culture and political education.  Honoring the heroes and fighters whose shoulders we stand on and whose activism we continue today. 

Public art helps bring the community together. It inspires, and it tells a story which can be interpreted in countless ways by the viewer.

This community-wide event will provide the opportunity for visitors and artists of all ages to respond to the inspiring mural through online fundraising. The artist will also be present to share his vision and process.

EB WEB PHOTO, July 2019 (8006).jpg

We are honored to have former Black Panther Chairman, Sister Elaine Brown as our keynote speaker to commemorate and honor our heroes.  Sister Elaine will lead a Masterclass in Political Education to our Reentry & Social Justice Team through storytelling. We are equally pleased to hear her speak openly and freely about the significance of Black August and why we should never forget! 


Artist and activist Malik Seneferu joins us to share his advocacy in the community.  He will discuss the irrevocable harm caused in our community by putting our biggest and brightest behind bars. 

Executive Director of BOSS, Donald Frazier will give closing remarks and speak on the importance of the mural, it’s location, and the necessity of creating this piece, at this time.

Also, we wish to thank our individual donors who have helped make this project possible.