BOSS operates a network of housing and support service programs in Berkeley, Oakland, and Hayward. All programs employ 4 core strategies for fighting homelessness and poverty:

BOSS programs provide whatever level of support people need and request in order to build health, wellness, and self-sufficiency. Some people come to BOSS for one-time or temporary assistance. Others with histories of chronic homelessness and more serious challenges may engage in BOSS services for longer periods of time. BOSS also provides specialized programs for homeless children and youth.

BOSS also partners with other social justice and direct service organizations to achieve shared goals.

The path to wellness is unique for each person. As long as participants are working towards their goals, respect program rules, and respect those around them, we continue to provide assistance and be part of their circle of support.

If you are homeless, disabled, or low-income and looking for assitance, please call (510) 843-3700, BOSS's Multi-Agency Service Center. It is open 7 days a week (call for hours) at 1931 Center Street in downtown Berkeley. This program has information about all BOSS services and makes referrals throughout the organization.

For details on what is offered and expected at certain BOSS programs, visit the BOSS Resources & Programs site.

For information and links to other services available in the community, visit the BOSS Resources & Programs site.